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5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Trip to Curaçao island

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Curaçao island has been a frequent guest in many adventurers’ dreams, yet many travelers are still not aware of this hidden gem. When most people think of the Caribbean’s clear blue waters, touristy islands like Aruba come to mind.

However, we all know that a true Caribbean paradise features less tourist traps and more beautiful quiet scenery, much like Curaçao island.

The island’s unique location just north of Venezuela made it an international trading port for many decades. Nevertheless, Curaçao’s strategic geographical location is not the only feature it has to offer.

Curaçao island has been a part of the Kingdom of Netherlands since 1815. As such, the island’s architecture is heavily influenced by Dutch culture, featuring tall rainbow-colored buildings that stand wall to wall.

The island’s colorful streets combined with the crystal blue ocean make for an irresistible dream destination. However, if you are still on the fence about where to spend your vacation, we will give you 5 reasons that make taking a trip to Curaçao a no brainer.

Curaçao Jeep Safari

Safari Tours Curacao

You can’t take a trip to Curaçao and miss out on a tour of some of the island’s most stunning scenery. On a safari you will be able to experience the island’s unique geology and wildlife.

During the Jeep Safari you will get the chance to see Flamingos in their natural habitat and if you are lucky, you might even spot a white-tailed deer.

Let’s not forget the famous Orchid Route, where you will get a panoramic view of the island from one of Curaçao’s highest points.

There are plenty of populated places in Curaçao where you can interact with the locals and sample their cuisine, but you can’t pass up the chance to explore the largest park and natural reserve in Curaçao, Christoffel National Park.

In Christoffel park, you can observe beautiful views of countless different plants and animals, or you can simply go for a hike to enjoy the scenery in absolute peace and quiet with no distractions.

Curaçao Beaches

Buggy Adventure Curacao

The second reason you should take a trip to Curaçao may seem obvious, but we simply had to add the jaw-dropping beauty of Curaçao’s beaches. Curacao has no shortage of white sandy beaches with crystal blue waters, and the best part is that most of them are free to the public.

Hence, Beach Hopping in Curaçao is a common tourist activity. Regardless of whether you like cliff jumping or quiet beaches, Curaçao has something to offer for every beach and ocean lover out there.

You can start your morning with a cliff jumping straight into the hypnotizing waters of Playa Forti beach. After you work up an appetite, grab your grill and head to Daaibooi for a combination of the best food, company, and scenery.

Now that your belly is full, make your way to Santa Cruz Bay to dip your toes in the soft white sand and put your snorkeling gear on for an unforgettable experience in the Blue Room underwater cave.

Klein Curaçao

Klein Curacao day trips

You want complete isolation from crowds with nothing but the clear sky above and the ocean coastline in your sight you say?

Then Klein Curaçao or little Curacao is your fortress of solitude. Klein Curacao is a small uninhabited island southwest of Curaçao but what it lacks in facilities and size, it makes up for it with sheer undisrupted beauty.

The small island is well known amongst the locals for its beautiful diving spots and remarkable sea life. While snorkeling at Klein Curaçao you will get the chance to experience a much more colorful coral reef and fish life when compared to the beaches of the main island.

On your trip to Curaçao, you must dedicate at least one full day to enjoying this small bite of heaven, even then you will feel like one day is not enough. And in case snorkeling isn’t for you, you can always explore the abandoned lighthouse and check out several shipwrecks along the shoreline that date back decades.

Capital city of Curaçao – Willemstad

Picture of a city Willemstad

The Capital of Curaçao’s rich history is reflected in many elements other than its unique architecture. When you are not relaxing on Curaçao’s beaches, you can make sure to check out Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge which looks like it was taken straight out of a fairy tale.

Now if you really want to experience the local culture, you can check out the iconic Punda district with some of the best restaurants in town and lots of local artwork and murals.

For those who remain adventurers at heart, don’t miss out on visiting Hato Caves that feature beautiful rock formations produced by old coral reefs that were exposed by the receding sea.

Don’t worry, we got something for the history buffs as well, the Kura Hulanda Museum in Willemstad displays artifacts from the dark history of the Arican slave trade in the region and its aftermath.

Curaçao Island Nightlife

If anything can compete with Curaçao’s beaches during the day, it is the island’s nightlife.

After a long day of beach hopping and snorkeling adventures, you can enjoy a laid-back dinner at countless spots by the beach like Zanzibar Beach & Restaurant with the sound of waves crashing against the shoreline and live music.

Alternatively, you can do a bit of shopping and enjoy an evening walk at the Rif Fort Village right by the harbor.

On the other hand, in case you still haven’t had your fill of Curaçao’s crystal blue waters during the day, you can always enjoy watching the sunset’s orange hue reflected on the hypnotizing waters and golden sand at Sabana Westpunt, or if you want an interrupted view of the golden hour sky and the ocean’s horizon, you can opt for a Curaçao sunset cruise to enjoy the panoramic view of the captivating scenery privately.


There you have it! Five irrefutable reasons why you should take a trip to Curaçao, away from the noise and stresses of the world.

If you ask us, Curaçao’s beauty cannot be summed up in just five reasons or even one blog post, but you will just have to come and see for yourself while making memories that last a lifetime.

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